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Throggs Neck News: Jeter says goodbye

Throggs Neck News: Jeter says goodbye: Still a Class Act (Photos by Gary Quintal) Derek Jeter gives his preliminary goodbye in the Bronx By Rich Mancuso BRO...

Jeter says goodbye

Still a Class Act
(Photos by Gary Quintal)
Derek Jeter gives his preliminary goodbye in the Bronx
By Rich Mancuso
BRONX, NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 8- The assumption is Derek Jeter will be on the field at Yankee Stadium for the last time as an active player in three weeks because the Yankees in all probability will miss the postseason for a second straight year. So on Sunday afternoon the Yankees gave him a fitting and preliminary goodbye tribute.
You can say that the Yankees gave him an early 
goodbye retirement party in order to keep fans in the stands and to profit on Jeter commemorative patches, shirts, and anything that sells with his name. The good thing is the Yankees and their fans still have Derek Jeter for another three weeks.
And for the next 21 games, assuming Jeter plays everyday, he will still be here. As he did so many times over an illustrious 20-year career he answered every question. Jeter never turned down an interview for a daily newspaper reporter, or for that matter someone who was not seen often on the Yankees beat writing for a weekly publication.
And as much as we all want Jeter to reevaluate his decision about retiring from the game of baseball, one that that places him among the greats, it will become
more difficult to say goodbye.
Because it is always difficult saying goodbye to a New York sports icon, and Derek Jeter may have been more than that.
“Today you think about it about all the things that are being said, but today I was trying not to think about it,” Jeter said about closure from the game, and that there are still games to played with his team having an outside chance to be that second wild card team.
He added, “Fortunately there is a little more time.” The hope was always that this final season would result in the Yankees going to another postseason and to do it for the Captain.
But the Yankees from the onset of this season have
never been able to resemble a playoff team. As it was again on Jeter’s day, they failed to score runs and were shutout for a second time in three games by the central division leading Kansas City Royals.
Said Jeter about his day after he came off the playing field, “It was awesome, something I will always remember. The Yankee know how to throw big ceremonies. This is a day I will remember forever.”
He thanked the fans on the field and again when he met the media in the Yankees press conference room. Jeter has never been comfortable speaking about this farewell to baseball, but those extended family of fans made it easier.
“Anyone who is here today, anyone who is at home
watching, anyone who has ever been over the course, over the last 20 seasons, thank you very much. You guys have watched me grow up over the last 20 years. I've watched you, too. Some of you guys are getting older, too. I want to thank you for helping me feel like a kid the last 20 years.”
Jeter was surprised by a few of the dignataries that showed up for his day, including another world champion he has associated with over the years, Michael Jordan, who knows something about farewell tours, saying thank you to the hometown fans and about being a good teammate, and leader on numerous championship teams.
“I appreciate it. I did not go into any expectations,” Jeter said. This retirement tour of ballparks has been different from the one Mariano Rivera received last year. Jeter is an everyday player as Rivera continued to become baseball’s all-time closer.
Jordan offered some advice, along with Dave Winfield and another legend, Cal Ripkin Jr. who all have been a part of the Derek Jeter legacy in one way or another.
“He’s prepared for this, he chose to step away from the game,” said Jordan. “His knowledge of the game is strong, he’s going to sit down with his family and think his next step.”
Jeter wants to move on with his life beyond baseball. He will be financially secure enough that could one day keep him in the game of baseball as an owner or in another capacity. Whatever he does, regardless, it will be successful.
On the field an era is coming to an end. The Yankees “Core Four” of Jeter, Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte has come to an end and there may never be another four similar in the years to come.”
“It was very strange kind of a different situation with three weeks left, a unique situation kind of tough to explain,” Jeter said about the ceremonial day in his honor. “At the same time, I am still trying to play a game.”
And at the same time, and as the days dwindle to a precious few it will harder to say goodbye to Derek Jeter.
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Throggs Neck News: Voters are Back From the Grave

Throggs Neck News: Voters are Back From the Grave: Voters are Back From the Grave 100 PERCENT By Robert Press Voters are Back From the Grave #Politics BRONX, NEW YORK, AUG...

Voters are Back From the Grave

Voters are Back From the Grave
By Robert Press
Voters are Back From the Grave
BRONX, NEW YORK, AUGUST 22- It appears now that you can have Derek Jeter and other famous names, or even names of those who have departed from the earth sign your petition you will get to stay on the ballot. 
This was the case last year in the infamous signature of Derek Jeter on a petition of a candidate for city council, and is the case this year of several people who departed (are dead), but signed a petition this year for a state senate candidate. 33rd State Senate candidate Fernado Cabrera was ruled on the ballot by Judge John Carter. It seems although the signatures of several dead people were not enough to have the Cabrera petition thrown out entirely, only those signatures of the departed were not allowed to be valid. So that 33rd State Senate primary between State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Councilman Fernando Cabrera is on. So why were you not at the Bronxtalk debate 33rd state senate candidate Fernando Cabrera? More in upcoming weeks.
Let me explain how a dead person may wind up signing a candidate's petition. It takes the Board of Elections two federal elections of non voting or up to 11 years that a person may be dead until the Board of Elections removes them from the active voting list. When getting signatures the assembly party enrollment book is usually used so petition witnesses know who is enrolled, and which names to look for that are active voters. Lists are normally given by address and those getting the signatures should have an easy time of finding registered voters. The other way to get signatures on a petition is to stand on a street and ask people to sign the petition. Street petitions are often unreliable as many people who are not registered voters or live out of the district will sign a street petition.
So how does someone who is dead sign a petition? You will have to ask the person who got the signature of the stiff, and I am sure that Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson will have his hands full after this primary day. I wonder who may get a call to come in by DA Johnson or even the U.S. Attorney.
You can check my blog at to see a photo of one of the many new signs that have been put up on Jerome Avenue. The signs say Jerome Avenue 'Slow Zone' 25 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit. It seems crazy that it took a car accident that claimed a life for this to happen, but if the driver was speeding way over the 30 MPH speed limit what would make anyone think that a sign 25 MPH will stop the speeding?
By the way the yellow line in the middle of Jerome Avenue from Fordham Road and up is gone just like many other traffic lines or markings. Why do these markings wear out so fast DOT?
The Committee of 100 Democrats will be hosting their 10th Annual Free Community Barbecue this Saturday, August 23rd from 12 – 6 p.m. on East 204th Street between Mosholu Parkway and the Grand Concourse. State Senate Co--Leader Jeff Klein is the Guest of Honor, and anybody can show up as has happened in the past. There will be free food and refreshments while supplies last, and lots of entertainment, which is still being added to the program.
State Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein just returned from a visit in Israel with Governor Cuomo, and because he was on this trip he missed his own standing room only concert in Loreto Park by Engelbert Humperdink. On hand however was Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr., State Senator Diane Savino (who mentioned that she was Senator Klein's girlfriend), Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, and about a thousand people who came out for the Klein Summertime Symphonies Series. Even Klein's September Democratic opponent Oliver Koppell and November Republican opponent Alekander Mici were at the concert. You can go to my blog archive on the lower left to Engelbert Humperdink for more and some photos, but none of Engelbert due to the lighting.
I was able to speak with Senator Klein the next day about his trip to Israel (his third one), and the senator said that he was able to meet with members of the Israeli Parliament and Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu. 
I changed subjects on Senator Klein asking him a question about the KRVDC Movie Night program he is co-sponsoring with the non-profit, and the charges by his opponent of using the non-profit. The words Oliver Koppell and crazy were heard, and Senator Klein laughed when I showed him a photo from 2010 of Oliver Koppell with the Executive Director of KRVDC showing a one-time Riverdale restaurant guide then Councilman Koppel had the non-profit do. Klein said that unlike his challenger he continues to fund groups that may not agree with him. I could see that the senator was tired from the trip, and reminded that I would see him at the Committee of 100 Democrats 10th Annual Free Community Barbecue on Saturday, August 23rd.
If you have an item that needs to be looked into further, have any comments about this column, or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog, you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.

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Throggs Neck News: Why are Pols Silent on Anti-Semitism Rise?

Throggs Neck News: Why are Pols Silent on Anti-Semitism Rise?: Why are Pols Silent on Anti-Semitism Rise? By Rabbi Harry Hertzberg Temple Hatikva Spiritual Leader More than 70 years ...

Why are Pols Silent on Anti-Semitism Rise?

Why are Pols Silent on Anti-Semitism Rise?
By Rabbi Harry Hertzberg
Temple Hatikva Spiritual Leader

More than 70 years ago, the Jewish community in the United States maintained a strange silence while the Holocaust was burning throughout Europe. Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis, yet American Jews had virtually no voice and applied little public pressure to stop this atrocity.

Today, we again have a government who chooses to ignore the murderous and vicious entity known as Hamas. Even 

though Hamas has been recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, they are somehow not held morally responsible for their actions – but rather, are granted the status of being “morally equivalent” to Israel.

The charter of Hamas, simply states that Jews must be eradicated and Israel destroyed.  Much to their credit, Hamas does not try to hide their intentions – but instead, is proud of its’ goal to destroy Israel and the entire Jewish population.

Yet, even when confronted with their rockets firing at Israel indiscriminately, or their tunnels meant to wreak havoc and murder upon the Jews, our leaders are strangely silent concerning the actions of our government.
It is of particular note that our President hails from the Democratic party as do the vast majority of our elected representatives in the Bronx. Yet, not one elected official has taken the President to task for his obvious lack of support for Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East and our only ally.

Congressman Eliot Engle serves as the ranking member of the foreign affairs committee of the United States House of Representatives, but has not issued one statement criticizing the actions of the executive branch of the government in this situation. While the President and Secretary of State do all in their power to weaken Israel and protect Hamas, we have not heard one objection from our Congressman.

Recently, our State Senator, Jeff Klein, went to Israel with a star-studded group that included Governor Andrew Cuomo. This trip was ostensibly to show solidarity with Israel and support for Israel. Yet, upon their return, the Governor and State Senator were not critical of our President or Secretary of State, nor did they take them to task for the obvious lack of support for Israel.

It is embarrassing to note that the leaders of the Jewish community-at-large have also taken the silent approach to dealing with this situation. Rather than speak up and demand executive branch support for Israel, Jewish communal leaders have acted as cowards – afraid that by speaking up they would damage their own access to the seats of power.

We have long known that those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Anti-semitism in Europe is at an all-time high. A rabbi in Miami was murdered on his way to synagogue. Jewish schools and museums are the targets of hate. It is way past the time to speak up. It is time to speak out and take action – even if that means voting against those who have represented us for many years.

It is not enough to feel bad for Israel. It is not enough to silently support Israeli actions. The time has come for public displays of support for Israel and to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for silence in the face of such evil and horror. There is no excuse for silence in the face of such danger and hatred. And, there is no excuse for silence in the face of anti-semitism.

It is time for each and every one of us, Jew and Gentile alike, to speak out and demand that our country support Israel and that we make a bold statement against anti-semitism. It is time to tell the world that we will not stand idly by while Jew-hatred pervades Europe while planting the seeds of another Holocaust. And finally, it is time to stand up and demand that our elected officials really represent us, rather than run scared.

If we choose silence over action or choose to look away rather than meet the problem head-on, then shame on us. We will truly get what we deserve.

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